Genshin Impact Cosplay Scaramouche / Wanderer  Shoes Dodococos
Genshin Impact Cosplay Scaramouche / Wanderer  Shoes Dodococos

Genshin Impact Cosplay Scaramouche / Wanderer Shoes

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Scaramouche, also known as Kunikuzushi (Japanese: 国崩) or by his Fatui codename "Balladeer," was the Sixth of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers and one of Genshin Impact's antagonists.

Scaramouche was created as a proof of concept to test Raiden Ei's plans for an indestructible Gnosis-bearing puppet. With his creation accomplished, Ei decided to leave him in a slumbering state, free from her control, as he had cried upon his creation. After awakening, Scaramouche came to believe that she had deemed him a failure and abandoned him. Following two other "betrayals," he became embittered by both gods and humanity, taking on the name "Kunikuzushi" while wandering Inazuma and joining the Fatui as its Sixth Fatui Harbinger, The Balladeer.

Scaramouche first appeared as an antagonist in the Version 1.1 event Unreconciled Stars. He makes his next appearance in Inazuma during Chapter II of the Archon Quests as a minor antagonist, where he helped the Fatui sow conflict between the Shogunate and the Watatsumi Army. He becomes a major antagonist in Sumeru during Chapter III, where he serves as the climactic boss battle in the form of Shouki no Kami, an artificial god. Following his defeat, he fell into a comatose state and was hidden away by Lesser Lord Kusanali.

After recovering and learning that Dottore was responsible for the Tatarasuna incident, Scaramouche erased all information of his entire existence from Irminsul, hoping to change the past and give those in the past a second chance in life. His efforts however only led to Teyvat forgetting him rather than directly changing any past event. Scaramouche became the Wanderer as a result, though his new life of wandering only made him crave a purpose.